United Grand Lodge of England

The Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent

Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge

No 3578

Consecrated, February 22nd 1912.




Regular meetings of the lodge are held at The Welling Masonic Centre, Bellegrove Road, Welling, KENT, on the third Thursday in October, December and April, the third Friday in February (Installation), and the second Thursday in June.

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Patron, MTGB Patron RMBI

Founder and double patron, Royal Masonic Hospital

Patron Prince George, Duke of Kent Court, Chislehurst Platinum Roll of Honour, RMBI Festival 2003

Grand Patron, West Kent Provincial Benevolent Fund

Grand Patron, Masonic Samaritan Fund


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Welcome to the website dedicated to the Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge. Our Lodge is fast approaching its Centenary. Much has happened over the past 100 years, one of the most significant is the ability to communicate almost instantly, when all those years ago it would have taken several days just to post a letter from one person to another. Freemasonry has eagerly embraced the electronic age, both as a method of communication and a means to transmit our message to all.

Initially, the "Poly" Lodge was restricted to members of the Woolwich Polytechnic Sports Club. Later it had a strong association with Woolwich Arsenal, with many artisans and engineers joining our ranks. Since 1912, nearly 500 men have been initiated into the Lodge. Many have worked hard to ensure the prosperity of the Lodge, have enjoyed the benefits of "disinterested friendship" and the convivial atmosphere for which the Order is famous.

The Woolwich Polytechnic, as such, no longer exists. In 1972, it became The Thames Polytechnic and later The University of Greenwich.

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